Industry Executives

If you think about it if you spend a bunch of money in a place like Miami or New York and you’re in a VIP section you’re probably going to be surrounded by bankers and other financial industry executives, but out here in Los Angeles you’ll be surrounded by entertainment industry executives and stars, and of course those types of people are way more fun and of course entertaining to be around. And of course they only take luxury car rental services to all of the events. There is definitely a lot of hype that goes into going out in Los Angeles and for the most part you are going to have a lot of fun no matter what or where you decide to go, but you have a ton of money so only the very best and most luxurious will do for you and your night out on the town, so at first let’s talk about where you should sit at your next Lakers game.

If you know anything about the Staples Center or Lakers games in general then you know that a lot of celebrities and big shot people like to sit on the numerous spots right on the court next to all of the action, and there are a lot of these types of seats at the Staples Center, and these seats are really nice and comfortable, at least compared to the rest of the arena. If you’re going to go to a Lakers game then you are going to want to plop down right next to Jack Nicholson on the court next to Kobe Bryant and say what’s up world? I’m important too. There’s pretty much no chance of you not getting on television in these type of seats, and for the right price you’ll have full access to the floor and all of the cool VIP amenities.

OK, maybe you don’t like basketball that much, whatever it’s not a big deal because Los Angeles has a lot more to offer than just sporting events, but if you do like baseball for instance then the Dodgers games at Dodgers Stadium are definitely a good time for a summer afternoon or evening. If you want to sit at the best seat in the house at Dodgers Stadium then you are going to want to get the VIP seats right behind the Dodgers dugout where waitresses will take your orders and you never have to leave your seat to go get food and drinks. That will definitely make a difference for your when you are trying to enjoy the game and you don’t want to miss any of the action, and the drinks are endless in these seats so you can probably get really wasted if you want to.
In terms of music there are a bunch of different really good venues throughout Los Angeles and one of the best venues in the entire city has to be the Greek Theater which is located in Griffith Park and is just an awesome time no matter who you are going to be seeing there. You’re going to want to make sure you get good seats at the Greek Theater too because it is all assigned seating there, so you’ll want to get the VIP pit seats or sit in the A section where you can get up as close as you want to the stage and be right in the middle of the action and fun times.