When it comes to going to see a concert everyone gets really excited, and maybe it just so happens to be that one of your favorite groups or musicians are coming to your town and you are really excited and feel like you have to see them, but then the next questions come in like where are you going to sit at the show? The truth is that for the most part a lot of venues are set up really differently, but if you are going to a really big show at an indoor venue, or even at an outdoor venue, then you are most likely going to have be getting yourself in the type of situations in which the type of seat that you purchase is going to make a difference about the type of experience you have while at this particular concert.

Now, I think it is pretty safe to say that the very best box office concert seats that are out there in the market are absolutely expensive and the fact that these types of things are expensive is just a part of how much these types of seats will change your experience at a big show, and we are here to explain to you just how awesome some great box office concert seats can be if you have the money to spend. So what we are going to do is assume that you are pretty well off and aren’t just thinking about going to the show and getting in necessarily because you just don’t want to get in and see the show. You care about the types of tickets you get and for good reasons because if you have the money then you definitely will be able to really experience things differently than you could if you chose to sit somewhere for a cheap price, and this is always fine of course because concerts are concerts and music is music but when you are right next to some of your heroes and even meeting them backstage before and after the show you know that your money was well spent and that is exactly what this article is all about: the very best box office concert seats that money can buy.

We are going to tell you all about the venues that allow normal, everyday people buy backstage passes and be inside VIP section with rock stars and other great musicians. We had the company wedding photographer take all the videos and photos back stage and man did they do a good job! Now what we are about to speak about is technically hush hush, but the thing is that when you get this type of pass you are seriously treated like royalty, or at least like royal rock stars, and that obviously has its own realities and things like that, but I would say that it is still really awesome in general to party like a rock star, and we know this because it is just such a great feeling when you are meeting some of your childhood heroes and things like that and I know that when we consider to be the types of people that we technically are then we absolutely need to think about our finances in a more objective way and start to do things that have really good intrinsic value with the money that we have, and this technically means that we are seeing behind the face value of things and really getting to the core and unseen value of experiences and really any type of investment that we make. Getting one of the best box office concert seats at great venues like The Staples Center, Madison Square Garden and other of the top venues in the world will make a difference, and it will make you a baller for real.


The suites on the floor at Madison Square Garden offer the best concert seats that money can buy, and with these tickets you get seats first row next to the floor and near the stage, as well as your own suite in which there is a full bar and television sets and all types of fun just next to the venue down the VIP hallway.