When it comes to going to see a concert everyone gets really excited, and maybe it just so happens to be that one of your favorite groups or musicians are coming to your town and you are really excited and feel like you have to see them, but then the next questions come in like where are you going to sit at the show? The truth is that for the most part a lot of venues are set up really differently, but if you are going to a really big show at an indoor venue, or even at an outdoor venue, then you are most likely going to have be getting yourself in the type of situations in which the type of seat that you purchase is going to make a difference about the type of experience you have while at this particular concert.

Now, I think it is pretty safe to say that the very best box office concert seats that are out there in the market are absolutely expensive and the fact that these types of things are expensive is just a part of how much these types of seats will change your experience at a big show, and we are here to explain to you just how awesome some great box office concert seats can be if you have the money to spend. So what we are going to do is assume that you are pretty well off and aren’t just thinking about going to the show and getting in necessarily because you just don’t want to get in and see the show. You care about the types of tickets you get and for good reasons because if you have the money then you definitely will be able to really experience things differently than you could if you chose to sit somewhere for a cheap price, and this is always fine of course because concerts are concerts and music is music but when you are right next to some of your heroes and even meeting them backstage before and after the show you know that your money was well spent and that is exactly what this article is all about: the very best box office concert seats that money can buy.

We are going to tell you all about the venues that allow normal, everyday people buy backstage passes and be inside VIP section with rock stars and other great musicians. We had the company wedding photographer take all the videos and photos back stage and man did they do a good job! Now what we are about to speak about is technically hush hush, but the thing is that when you get this type of pass you are seriously treated like royalty, or at least like royal rock stars, and that obviously has its own realities and things like that, but I would say that it is still really awesome in general to party like a rock star, and we know this because it is just such a great feeling when you are meeting some of your childhood heroes and things like that and I know that when we consider to be the types of people that we technically are then we absolutely need to think about our finances in a more objective way and start to do things that have really good intrinsic value with the money that we have, and this technically means that we are seeing behind the face value of things and really getting to the core and unseen value of experiences and really any type of investment that we make. Getting one of the best box office concert seats at great venues like The Staples Center, Madison Square Garden and other of the top venues in the world will make a difference, and it will make you a baller for real.


The suites on the floor at Madison Square Garden offer the best concert seats that money can buy, and with these tickets you get seats first row next to the floor and near the stage, as well as your own suite in which there is a full bar and television sets and all types of fun just next to the venue down the VIP hallway.


Industry Executives

If you think about it if you spend a bunch of money in a place like Miami or New York and you’re in a VIP section you’re probably going to be surrounded by bankers and other financial industry executives, but out here in Los Angeles you’ll be surrounded by entertainment industry executives and stars, and of course those types of people are way more fun and of course entertaining to be around. And of course they only take luxury car rental services to all of the events. There is definitely a lot of hype that goes into going out in Los Angeles and for the most part you are going to have a lot of fun no matter what or where you decide to go, but you have a ton of money so only the very best and most luxurious will do for you and your night out on the town, so at first let’s talk about where you should sit at your next Lakers game.

If you know anything about the Staples Center or Lakers games in general then you know that a lot of celebrities and big shot people like to sit on the numerous spots right on the court next to all of the action, and there are a lot of these types of seats at the Staples Center, and these seats are really nice and comfortable, at least compared to the rest of the arena. If you’re going to go to a Lakers game then you are going to want to plop down right next to Jack Nicholson on the court next to Kobe Bryant and say what’s up world? I’m important too. There’s pretty much no chance of you not getting on television in these type of seats, and for the right price you’ll have full access to the floor and all of the cool VIP amenities.

OK, maybe you don’t like basketball that much, whatever it’s not a big deal because Los Angeles has a lot more to offer than just sporting events, but if you do like baseball for instance then the Dodgers games at Dodgers Stadium are definitely a good time for a summer afternoon or evening. If you want to sit at the best seat in the house at Dodgers Stadium then you are going to want to get the VIP seats right behind the Dodgers dugout where waitresses will take your orders and you never have to leave your seat to go get food and drinks. That will definitely make a difference for your when you are trying to enjoy the game and you don’t want to miss any of the action, and the drinks are endless in these seats so you can probably get really wasted if you want to.
In terms of music there are a bunch of different really good venues throughout Los Angeles and one of the best venues in the entire city has to be the Greek Theater which is located in Griffith Park and is just an awesome time no matter who you are going to be seeing there. You’re going to want to make sure you get good seats at the Greek Theater too because it is all assigned seating there, so you’ll want to get the VIP pit seats or sit in the A section where you can get up as close as you want to the stage and be right in the middle of the action and fun times.

The Best Events in the Country

Best box office seats for events in LA

Everyone knows that when it comes to going out and having an extremely fun night life that the city of Los Angeles might just be one of the coolest places to go to and has one of the best nightlife in the entire country. Of course there are other cities like New York, Miami, Denver and other places around the country who also have great places to party, not to mention Las Vegas, that may be a little bit better to Los Angeles in their own regards, but for the purposes of this article we are going to somehow come to the conclusion that the city of Los Angeles is the best nightlife city in America, if not one of the best. That’s a pretty safe assumption, am I right? I mean let’s be honest there is always a lot going around in Los Angeles and it doesn’t really ever matter what day of the week that you would like to do something because there is always a fun event going on in Los Angeles that will make you want to get out there and have an awesome time with your friends and family.


But let’s say you’re the type of person who doesn’t like to just go out and save as much money as possible when you go out, because although the majority of people do like to save their money when they go out and not spend a lot there are still a lot of people who have a ton of money who can go out and do whatever they want because they have the means to have as much fun as possible. If you are the type of person who just so happens to have a ton of money and you want to spend it by having some good times and having the best box office seats in LA then you have come to the right place because this entire article is dedicated to the best seats in the house at every entertainment in house throughout Los Angeles, so the next time that you are going to plan a night out on the town you’ll have a better idea of where to spend that money and have great seats at the next big concert, sporting event or really any type of event, because let’s be honest, if you have the money you want to have the best seat in the house, especially in Los Angeles.


The truth about Los Angeles is that if you are going to go to some events and spend a lot of money on some VIP tickets or some type of cool ticket you are likely to run into some really big shot people that may even be celebrities, so that’s just part of what makes spending the money in Los Angeles worth the price as compared to all the other cities in the United States or the country for that matter. If you are looking for a good time then you have come to the right place.

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VIP Parking

VIP Parking Is Always a Plus
There are times that VIP tickets come accompanied by a VIP parking option, which is always a plus, as you won’t have to drive and drive in order to find a good parking space. If you opt for those cheap event tickets, it is more than likely that you will not be able to obtain a good parking space unless you opt to go to the stadium many hours before the actual event begins. Of course, the majority of people don’t opt for this, as who wants to wait a lot of hours in a car? VIP parking is always reserved for those individuals who are carrying VIP tickets; therefore, you can actually arrive just minutes before the event starts, without you having to worry about finding good parking space, as your space will be reserved exclusively for you.
Cocktail Galore
When it comes to the cocktails that you are able to get when you purchase VIP tickets, it depends on the event that you are going to, as every event offers different things. In most events, there tends to be the serving of alcohol, soda, tea, coffee, and etc. For example, when it comes to the L.A Lakers VIP seating, there is always a beverage available that goes hand in hand with the VIP’s preference. When it comes to the food served, most of the times, you will not seean event that serves the type of food that you will expect to eat for lunch. Most events serve very simple edibles.
Superb Sound
Since it is strategically placed in the best area of the house, VIP seating allows you to attain superb sound of whatever is going on at central stage; therefore, you will never have to ask the person right next to you what the players said, as you will know firsthand what is going on stage.
Easy Exit
Unlike the other event goers that do not opt for VIP seating, when you opt for VIP tickets in some particular events in Los Angeles, when the event is over, you will have an easy exit to take advantage of. You will not have to stand in line in order to proceed to walk out of the arena. Of course, aspreviouslymentioned, it will all depend on the event that you are attending, but VIP seating has become very popular due to a variety of different factors, including for having the advantage of having an easy exit out.
Try VIP Seating
As you can conclude, purchasing VIP tickets to attend any Los Angeles sportevent that is going on at the moment definitely comes with a lot of benefits. You will be able to obtain a one-of-a-kind experience that you will remember for many years to come. If you stop and think about it, if you are not obtaining the best view of a sporting event that you went to see in person, then you being there is definitely a waste of time. In order for you to always obtain a good experience every time, opt for VIP seating. Contrary to popular belief, they are quite affordable.

VIP is the Deal

When it comes to the pricing of VIP tickets for sporting events, prices vary. As previously mentioned, it all depends on the sport event that you are planning on going to see, but do not think that you will have to spend a fortunate, as there are numerous of online sites that sell VIP tickets at discounted prices; therefore, in order to obtain a good deal on a VIP ticket, you have to go the extra mile in order to conduct your homeworkin choosing the ideal online shop to purchase your VIP tickets from. It is important to highlight that sometimes there are coupons going around on the Internet that can allow you to save even more when purchasing your tickets from a credible online shop, like retailmenot.com. This website, in particular, carries hundreds and hundreds of coupons from different websites. Of course, there might bea possibility that the online shop that you opted to shop from might not have any coupons present on retailmenot.com or at any other website of similar function, but you will not lose anything if you opt to check it out. It is always a good idea to browse around to see if there are coupons available before you opt to checkout and pay for your VIP tickets. It does not hurt to do this.
The Space Obtained with VIP Tickets Is Ideal
When it comes to the space that you get when you opt for VIP seating, it definitely tends to be very spacious. Remember, VIP means very important person; therefore, sport events make sure that you are treated importantly when you arepurchasing this section of the area and once you get there, too. It is like they want to make you feel like you are the king or the queen of the day in their event, which definitely can make anybody feel special the entire day. Another great thing about VIP tickets is the space that you obtain.This space alwaystends to be comfortable. You will not be bothered by somebody loud sitting right next to you. Another thing, since you will be seated in a special area, you will not suffer from that issue that a lot ofsport eventgoers tend to suffer from: having the presence of somebody very tall or somebody with very voluminous hair in front of them. This definitely tends to set a lot of people off. Of course, who can blame them, as nobody wants to buy tickets to a very cool sport event, only to find out, once they get there, that they are not able to see much of what’s going on in the center stage thanks to the distracting person who is in front of them. Believe it or not, when this of issue occurs, a lot of people tend to just walk out of the event and tend to purchase better seating next time so that they never encounter this type of issue ever again. There are some who definitely go the extra mile and put a couple of more bucks down in order to purchase the VIP sea

Numerous Events To Enjoy

Every day, in Los Angeles, there are numerous of entertaining sports’ events taking place in small, medium, and big size arenas. Depending on the event, ticket sales are priced accordingly. The great thing about purchasing tickets online is that one is able to have a look at the seating charts. In almost every chart, there is a VIP section. For of you who are not aware, VIP means ‘very important person.’ Therefore, if you opt to seat in a VIP area, you will be treated in a way that is fit for royalty. In addition to having access to the event and sitting in a reserved area, your VIP ticket may also include special services such as special parking, cocktails, commemorative accreditation, and etc. It is important to note that these benefits vary depending on the event that you choose to go to.
VIP Seating = First Class View
When you opt for VIP seating, you will obtain a first class view of the central stage, which is why these type of ticket tends to sell like hotcakes. Being able to see your favorite sport player up close is definitely a dream of a lot of people; only people who purchase VIP seating are actually able to be just a couple of inches away from the star of the event.
Popular VIP Seating Event
One of the events in Los Angeles where VIP seating has become very popular is L.A Lakers games. If you are not from this city, then it is important to highlight that VIP tickets for any L.A Lakers game tend to sell in a short period of time; therefore, we suggest that you get your tickets as soon as they become available, for the game that you want to see in person. In the VIP section of the L.A Lakers home games, a lot of famous individuals have sat, like former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. This former governor went to see the Lakers play more than one time, and he still does. He will always ‘be back.’ Every time that he went as a governor, cameras used to film him, and one could often see him with a couple of friends, having a couple of drinks. This VIP section is not among the people . . . it is a private section that is able to overlook the entire arena. The view that one is able to obtain from this area is definitely superb, which is why it is always taken right away as soon as tickets are put on sale.
Other Noteworthy Events with VIP Seats in Los Angeles
The previously mentioned event is not the only one that takes place in Los Angeles. There are numerous of events that take place almost every day. The events that are causing quite a commotion right now thanks to the outstanding performance that they provide to the public are Cirque Du Soleil, Mamma Mia!, An Act of God, Los Angeles Philharmonic: Beethoven & Mahler, STS9 – Sound Tribe Sector 9, Cloud Gate Dance Theatre of Taiwan, Cloud Gate Dance Theatre of Taiwan, Dancescape NextGen, City of Light: Messiaen with the St. Louis Symphony, Dirty Dancing, Godspeed You Black Emperor, and etc. As you can tell, in Los Angeles there is always an event that matches anybody’s entertainment preferences. Some events are for people of all ages while other events target only adults; therefore, before taking any children with you, you should become informed if children are allowed to the event, or not, as you don’t want to return back home at an early time with your children because they did not allow you to go in with them. Unlike in other places, events in Los Angeles take their policies very seriously. It is typical to see children in a movie theatre,watching a film that is rated R, but some sporting events are very cautious of who goes into them, as they simply do not want any issues to arise later on.
VIP Seating Can Be a Great Gift
When somebody’s birthday is coming up or a loved one has just finished reaching a milestone, the idea of gifting him or her something will arise; when this occurs, people tend to often ask themselves over and over again ‘what would be a good gift to give this person?’ Why not purchase VIP tickets for him or her to go see a sporting event of his or her liking. When it comes to purchasing VIP tickets to go see a sport game, most of the times these tickets come accompanied by a couple of things that can be very beneficial to the buyer. Sometimes, one the game is over, buyers can actually go backstage to meet the players of a team. This Is just another reason why VIP tickets have become highly gifted in the last couple of years. It definitely doesn’t get any better than that if you stop and think about it. If your ticket comes accompanied with this feature, you can actually have a chat with the player, get an autograph, and take a couple of photos, as well as gift theplayer anything that you want.
VIP Seating Allows One to Take Top-Notch Photos Every Time
When it comes to taking photos in a sporting event, one won’t be able to obtain a better spot to take them at that in a VIP section, as that is the area where one is able to see everything much better than in any other area of the arena. From a VIP seating, you can take photos of the event, photos that will have everybody on Facebook and Twitter jealous, as they will be as superb as photos can get.
VIP Tickets Might Be Offered at Discounted Prices.